What’s this blog about?

Some of you may be visiting my blog expecting to see some photos,

but you’ve come to the wrong place!

If you do want to see some of my photography please visit my photo blog or alternatively take a look at my website.

So, what’s this blog about?

In short it’s a blog presenting my sociological research, thoughts, musings, discoveries and opinions.

You may find photos, in addition to multimedia pieces, on this blog, but they haven’t been taken for a photographic audience, but as visual components to sociological research. What I’m saying is if they’re not very good there’s a reason, well that’s my excuse anyway.

Hopefully the posts will interest you and if they do feel free to contact me or comment directly on the post.

Finally, my mini-project (Because I’m Curious) has gone from having it’s own blog to having a page. To find out more please read this.

Thank you for visiting.



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