Mapping the Jubilee Line above ground in writing.

This collection of words and sentences were my feelings, sensations and observations of my walk mapping the Jubilee Line above and below ground.

Cold, no gnomes, lots of roundabouts.

Google doesn’t help.

Mock tudor suburbia goes on forever.

Hindu deities, the smell of incense, fish & chips.

Romanian workers, Polish spoken.

Crows, unexpected countryside.

Mist – like rain, getting lost, asking for directions.

West Indian, African, Scottish accents.


Making connections, momentary friendships.

Smiles and suspicious looks.


Crisp, cold, sunny!

Clip clip of high – heels.

Bustle and rush.

A women in furs.

Unexpected interventions.

Water lapping on the shore, excited chatter, laughter.


Green spaces, and lovely places.

Frankie and Benny’s.

Alien landscapes.

Shopping centres, electricity pylons, grey skies and toxic air.

Man-made dystopias.






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