How do you keep fit?

I keep fit lifting this adorable 8 kilo girl everyday. I sometimes take her for a walk, jump, dance and do other crazy things with her. It’s been 8 months of pure happiness in this house since our daughter was born. We know for sure that many other workout days are on the way. Better get ready!
Campinas, Brazil

Drag a little passenger in his car three times a week. It’s a good way to keep fit and lose some calories… and also, spend quality time with a little angel… Highly recommended for those who have children and nephews.
Bogotá, Colombia

This picture was taken near where I live (Cuiabá/Brazil) in September 2012. My region has abundant natural beauty, and I usually go trekking or hiking, and if the day is too hot (which is always the case!) I will go for a swim in the great outdoors. The place in the picture is an outflow of a spring – in fact the actual spring is just below where I am. It’s an incredible site, and there are just so many similar places around here. The blueish colour is due to the strong presence of magnesium in contact with sunlight. It gives you the impression that you’re swimming in a giant fish tank! No piranhas there, luckily. 
Cuiabá, Brazil

Hiking up Mt. Takao at the weekend. Just an hour away from the bustling downtown of Tokyo.

I go roller skating around my neighbourhood here in Bucharest. This helps me keep fit while I enjoy the beautiful old buildings and discover new streets.
Bucharest, Romania

30-60 minutes every day on the treadmill to keep me fit.
Burgas, Bulgaria

I exercise by carrying my musical instrument around town!
Brussels, Belgium

London, England

I’m pretty good at golf, while I still need to improve my tennis skills at Wii sports! Actually I love (real) sports but I have little time to practice for both family and work reasons. I try to go to the gym a couple of times a week during lunch break.
Paris, France

I do pregnancy yoga to connect with my baby, keep fit, relax and get ready for the big day! It really changes my life!!!😊
Canton de Vaud, Switzerland

Walk with Emma, that’s what I do to keep fit!!
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Thanks to all the fit and healthy people who contributed to this post!

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