How do you earn a living?

The picture below details my job: stock quotes changing on a screen and lots of business trips to meet clients. Frankly, this has lost most of its initial appeal as travelling often keeps me away from my little family. On the positive side, I have the chance to meet up with friends living abroad.
Paris, France

I earn my living by consulting for EU funds projects.
Burgas, Bulgaria

I have been unemployed since February, so am not working for the moment… I hope I will earn my living with a great job in culture and cinema very soon, so I’m looking for job offers and working on my CV… By the way, if you hear of someone offering a job as a cinema programmer, let me know ūüėČ
Lille, France


Text to follow.
Amadora, Portugal

Work in progress…
Canton de Vaud, Switzerland

I make my living making special occasions and leaving good memories for people.
I love my job because it’s very rewarding to see children and parents smiling when they see the work I designed for them.
Bogot√°, Colombia

This is not exactly the only thing I do for a living, but it’s part of it. I work as a teacher in a couple of institutions in Cuiab√°, Brazil. One of them is for students between¬†12-15 years of age, and this picture was taken on a field trip (Science/Geography/Environmental Studies) in the surroundings of a city called Nobres. It’s a beautiful and very important (ecologically speaking) part of our State (Mato Grosso). It combines 3 different biomes, and is also an important watershed for the region. Field trips, of course, do not occur as often as I would like them to, but it’s an important part of these kids’ education, and it’s a pleasure to be involved.
Cuiab√°, Brazil

Some of the books I use for my job. I teach English in two companies in Buenos Aires.
Buenos Aires, Argentina

This is how I make a living. I’m based in a showroom where we handle the latest garments before they hit the stores, and work with stylists and fashion magazine editors, to get these garments on the pages of fashion magazines.
Tokyo, Japan

Architecture is taking ideas and transforming them for the real world.
Bogot√°, Colombia

As the world becomes ever more connected and globalised our lives become more similar.

This is particularly reflected in the jobs we have.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this post.

The current question is: How do you keep fit?

It will be up on the blog by the end of September.

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