What do you have for breakfast?

A smiling cappuccino to start the day on the right foot!
Naples, Italy

Breakfast is ready 🙂
Saturday with a smile!
Canton de Vaud, Switzerland

Coffee and the cake I made. A perfect combination!
Amadora, Portugal

As you can see my breakfast consists of cereal and a cup of tea.
I always have it in the kitchen in a rush during the week! Between 8 and 9 o’clock.
Buenos Aires, Argentina

This is my typical breakfast; with muesli, some fruit and a good cup of strong Brazilian coffee with milk. Out of the four fruits in the picture, two are home grown: guava and mango. It’s a lovely sunny morning in Cuiabá, the epicenter of South America.
Cuiabá, Mato Grosso, Brazil

Once a week on Friday mornings, one of my office colleagues gets breakfast for everyone at work, each time it’s a different menu. It’s a wonderful relaxing time, and a morning that we all look forward to!
Bogotá Colombia

Since my daughter was born we have had a lovely time having breakfast with the whole family every morning. As a teacher I have flexible hours and my wife is not working at the moment, which means no rush at all in the morning. Everything you see in the picture is very typical in a Brazilian breakfast: fruit with honey, bread, butter, milk with coffee, sometimes cheese and biscuits too.
Campinas, Brazil

Typical breakfast at home. Tea, Ricoré au lait (a mix of coffee and chicory), fresh French bread, fresh butter and home made jams! Life tastes good!!
Lille, France

I’m not a morning person, generally I try to avoid them, but breakfast is a different matter, I wish for every meal to be breakfast! I like variety; porridge, cereal, or just good bread and always a properly made cup of English breakfast tea. What’s not to like about that! Empires were founded on breakfast, and I am too.
London, England

Today… no rush.
Barcelona, Spain

Banitsa and ayran. Breakfast for champions 🙂
Burgas, Bulgaria

Rice, salted salmon, miso soup, dried seaweed and salad.
Breakfast at Denny’s.
Tokyo, Japan

Many thanks for the wonderful photos!

The next question is: How do you get to work?

The answers to this question will be posted on the blog on July 1st.

If you would like to take part please email me a camera phone photo and a few words by June 30th.

Many thanks

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